Water waste

December 4, 2006

Yes poor pun, sorry.

Just read this over at Louie Savva’s great blog. For those who don’t want to click on the link, in New Zealand recently, volunteers have been spraying the roads with over 10,000 litres of river water. What is the aim of this act? To free the spirts of crash victims.

Just like Louie, I really hope that it is a joke, but suspect that it may not be. There is no end to the bullshit some people will believe in.


Pull the other one

December 4, 2006

On a visit to a cathedral in Istanbul, the Pope has said:

The Church wishes to impose nothing on anyone, and merely asks to live in freedom

Bullshit. The catholic church wishes to impose nothing on anyone? So why does the church interfere in elections? Why do they interfere when a country has a referendum on abortion? Why do they interfere when a country wants to legalise gay marriage? Why did they interfere recently when the UK government was trying to make “faith” schools more inclusive.

Not watching in 2007

December 4, 2006

I usually watch the Brit Awards every year as, despite the usually ridiculous choices for the winners, they usually are quite entertaining.

Not this year. They’ve invited Russell Brand to host the awards. How this over-rated, talentless, waste of space has had the career he is having is beyond me. He’s a twat. His is the most inexplicable career in showbiz ever. And with someone like Paris Hilton to compete with for that title, that’s saying something.

Saying that, I might watch it to see if someone punches the cunt in the face.

The dumbest complaint ever

November 9, 2006

The BBC report about a complaint made to Wakefield council about a fish and chip shop. The complaint was about the smell.

What was this smell, you might ask. Was it gone off food? Something worse, like a corpse? No, the complaint was that the fish and chip shop smelt of fish and chips. And Wakefield council actually investigated it. I’m glad I don’t live in Wakefield, the council don’t seem to take much care with what they spend the council tax on!


October 14, 2006

Tom Watson, the Labour MP who posted Sion Simon’s (now removed) webcameron spoof on youtube, has apologised for doing so.

What a wimp. He should have kept it up! Fortunately, it is still up elsewhere, see the clip below.

Sion Simon’s WebCameron spoof

October 13, 2006

Labour MP Sion Simon has done his own spoof of David Cameron’s awful webcameron videos. It’s mildly funny, not up to Rory Bremner standards, but funny none the less. Predictably MPs are up in arms about this harmless piece of satire, including those from Simon’s own party. An MP actually shows some character for once. We should be giving the guy a big pat on the back.

I’m still not voting Labour though.

Hopefully the above works!

Chris de Burgh is an idiot

October 9, 2006

As if Lady in Red wasn’t bad enough, you now have another reason to hate Chris de Burgh. According to the Beeb, he is now claiming to be a faith healer. Read the article, it’s full of the usual delusions these people are full of. I assume he’ll be applying for James Randi‘s million dollar prize now.

Thought not!